Franklin, Louisiana's historic Main Street is adorned with its iconic Victorian style lamp posts.  Named after Benjamin Franklin, Franklin was founded in 1808 as Carlin's Settlement, and became the parish seat in 1811. The town was incorporated in 1820. Though early settlers included French, Acadian, German, Danish, Irish and African slaves, the town's culture and architecture is heavily influenced by the unusually large numbers of English that chose to settle here after the Louisiana Purchase.  Just like a good gumbo the town's residents are seasoned with a mixture of friendliness, warmth and generosity.  


What's old is new and what's new is old!   We are excited to be the new merchant on one of the most beautiful and historic Main Streets nearby. Come browse our selection of antique, classical, vintage and unique items ranging from furniture to collectibles to gift items.

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The most valuable antique is an old friend!